Dental Care Wayne

The treatment time for people wearing braces will very according to the degree of crookedness of their teeth.

People who are not happy with the way their teeth look can see a cosmetic dentist and change their smile.

Having a tooth pulled today is much less painful than it was before all the latest digital technology that can be used to ease the pain.

The financial and social costs of poor dental health can significantly diminish the quality of life for those with bad teeth.

Some people believe that you cannot get dental cavities after a certain age, but that simply is not true.

Dental crowns can be used to cover a chipped tooth to protect it and strengthen it.

You can call our office when you need emergency dental treatments on the weekend or at night.

Your dental health is extremely important to us and we are dedicated to helping you keep your teeth for years to come.

When you chip a tooth, bring the chipped piece to the dentist to have it bonded back on.

Gingivitis is a type of gum disease that can be reversed if you catch it early enough.

Some people are fortunate to be born with good teeth, while others inherit bad teeth from their families.

There are no metal wires or brackets when you have Invisalign braces.

If you have crooked teeth and you want to have them straightened, a cosmetic dentist can help with that.

We can remove your mercury fillings for you and replace them with composite resin fillings.

Call our dental office today to make an appointment for a dental teeth cleaning.

We can take care of all types of dental procedures, including teeth cleaning and teeth whitening.

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